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Though some might say otherwise, advertising isn't going to guarantee you any business. There are many factors at play with this unfortunate bit of truth that can make or break a campaign - from timing to placement to frequency to audience to the product or business itself. Though a smart agency (*ahem*) can help guide you to the best path for success, no one can guarantee what will happen once you reach the other side.

That said, you do need to advertise. And you should hire professionals.

For every word-of-mouth or do-it-yourself marketing success story, there is an unfortunate (and infinitely higher) number of cautionary tales. Though people in business regularly hire accountants to handle their books or electricians to wire their offices, often times marketing is looked at as a simple undertaking with the no experience needed. It shouldn't be.

It's important to align with a company that will tell you honestly what your options are and work with you on a plan that you understand and feel comfortable with, and one that you can see the potential (important word) value in. A company that knows the value of creativity, the importance of building your brand, and the respects the gamble you are taking.

This is who we are.

We won't promise certain results, but we will promise to give you your best opportunity to achieve those results. We won't promise a return on your investment, but we will promise a creative and strategic execution that fights to reach your target audience on your terms with your brand shown in the best possible light.

We won't promise success. But we do guarantee effort. And in this business, there's nothing more you can honestly get.


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